About ATP Coaching

Tony Wolf, Ph.D.

Tony has always had a passion for racing anything with two wheels. He started racing motocross when he was 7 years old, and achieved his dream of racing professionally shortly after turning 16. Along with racing motocross, Tony always enjoyed riding BMX and mountain bikes. He later began to use road cycling to cross-train for motocross, which eventually led to a passion for the road. He turned to road racing after retiring from racing motocross in 2011, and quickly made his way through the ranks to Category 1. Along with his spirit for competition, Tony has a general love for exercise. 

During the recovery process from back surgery after sustaining 7 broken vertebrae in a motocross accident, he came to appreciate the physical and mental benefits of exercise and made the decision to pursue an education in Exercise Science. He earned his Bachelor's and Master's degrees at California State University, Fresno. He subsequently earned his Doctorate in Exercise Physiology at The Pennsylvania State University. With his years of experience racing, training, and coaching, and his deep knowledge of human physiology, Tony recognizes that no two athletes are exactly the same, and has dedicated himself to helping individuals achieve their fitness and performance related goals.